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Bird-Bolan is an industry leader in pest bird control and we are very confident in our education and experience in the aspects of integrated bird management systems. Our sales staff will supply you the best service and results available. Bird-Bolan known as providing the best in customer service. We go far beyond our competition giving our all to satisfy our loyal customers

  • Visual Cat Scarer

    Visual Cat Scarer

    Product description: We are considered to be amongst the leading providers of this highly commendable range of bird scare eye balloon 3 Pack. Hang the...

  • Bird Repellent Balloon

    Bird Repellent Balloon

    Product Description Scare-Eye Balloon Frighten Birds Away Hang the Scare-Eye Balloon from trees or long poles to scare away flocks of nuisance birds who are...

  • Visual Bird Repellents

    Visual Bird Repellents

    Product Description One glimpse of this bulging eye sends nuisance birds scattering. The bobbing motion and waving streamers simulate live predator birds,...

  • Wind Powered Mirror Bird Scare

    Wind Powered Mirror Bird Scare

    Product Despriction The Scare Eye Balloons is a visual deterrent used to frighten birds away from specific areas. Keep birds away with these 3D balloon eye...

  • Scare Eye Balloon

    Scare Eye Balloon

    Product Description The balloon bird scarer has proved to be very successful at scaring birds in all types of situations, from agricultural and commercial...

  • Bird Scare Eye Balloon

    Bird Scare Eye Balloon

    About Bird Repelling Balloon These bird control products tap into birds’ instinctive fear of predatory birds, encouraging them to leave the area. The bright...


About Bird-bolan

Bird-bolan, The patent company of Bonate was established in 2006. We have kept up that momentum since the beginning, now we are a full service bird and pest control manufacturer and distributor employing the best technical and support sales staff around. Supplying company's world wide with affordable bird and pest control products.

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