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Airport Propane Sound Cannon

●Low altitude
●Burst Sound Pressure 125db
●Solar Power
●Simple Structure
●Exquisite and Workmanship

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Product Details


●Low altitude

●Burst Sound Pressure 125db

●Solar Power

●Simple Structure

●Exquisite and Workmanship

When a bird hits an airplane, the relative speed between the two is very large. The aircraft is no less harmed than a shell. In addition, many aircraft are equipped with jet engines, birds are easily inhaled, so that the engine has been seriously damaged, and even cause an explosion. Therefore, airport bird repellent training is a top priority for safety and security work.



Bird Zon Scare  Guns are used to drive off low-flying birds. After a comprehensive optimization design, the structure of the gas gun is greatly simplified, the appearance is simple and beautiful, and it is durable and hard to damage, thereby reducing maintenance costs. After the professional design of the gas bunker and barrel, accurate control of the amount of inflation, so that the gas in the gas bunker and barrel full combustion and expansion, the pressure doubled, 1 m from the muzzle of the explosion sound pressure of 125 decibels.

The gas gun control system automatically detects the pressure and flow rate of the gas in the gas pipe, calculates the valve opening time, and the amount of gas filled into the combustion chamber is not affected by the gas pressure, so that the sound pressure of the sound of each launch is basically the same.

The gas gun is equipped with a 20-watt solar cell and uses a new generation of half-power solar charging control system to charge the battery normally under cloudy or rainy conditions. The battery can also be removed and the standard charging can be used. Charge the machine.


●Burst sound:125db

●System Operating Voltage:7-20VDC

●Wireless Frequency:434Mhz   440Mhz  449Mhz

●Transmit power:30dbm

●Operating Temperature:-30℃~85℃

●Solar Power:20W


●Weight: 35kg

●Surface with Spray Treatment

●Launch Method

Remote Control




The company's main application areas are domestic and foreign aviation airports, power, agriculture, high-speed rail, and military.


Company Profiles

Baoding Bolan Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the Zhongguancun Innovation Center of Gaoxin District, Baoding City, Hebei Province. It is one of the few domestic integrated bird-repellent equipment manufacturers integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service.

The company has advanced production equipment, improved product testing methods and ISO9001 certification guarantee system, has produced a variety of automatic control products with advanced international standards. In line with the development and expansion of China's aviation industry, the company independently researched and developed the "ZKQN-1090 Bird Control System" and a variety of bird-repellent equipment with independent intellectual property rights, featuring high technological content, easy operation, and convenient management. After being installed and put into use at various airports, it has achieved good results and has been repeatedly reported by the "HeBei TV Station" and "CCTV-7 Military Report" sections, and has received the honor of "science and technology enterprise" in Hebei Province.


Packing Details

Packing: In carton or wooden case

Shipping: BY air/sea/express, Tianjin port.

Delivery time: Within 30 working days after order confirmed, exact time depends on quantity.


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