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Bird Cannon

​●Low altitude
●Burst Sound Pressure 125db
●Solar Power
●Simple Structure
●Exquisite and Workmanship

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Product Details

●Low altitude

●Burst Sound Pressure 125db

●Solar Power

●Simple Structure

●Exquisite and Workmanship

●System Operating Voltage:7-20VDC

●Wireless Frequency:434Mhz   440Mhz  449Mhz

●Transmit power:30dbm

●Operating Temperature:-30℃~85℃

●Solar Power:20W


●Weight: 35kg


When a bird hits an airplane, the relative speed between the two is very large. The aircraft is no less harmed than a shell. In addition, many aircraft are equipped with jet engines, birds are easily inhaled, so that the engine has been seriously damaged, and even cause an explosion. Therefore, airport bird repellent training is a top priority for safety and security work.

The gas gun control system automatically detects the pressure and flow rate of the gas in the gas pipe, calculates the valve opening time, and the amount of gas filled into the combustion chamber is not affected by the gas pressure, so that the sound pressure of the sound of each launch is basically the same.





Solar Supply


Stainless Steel, Aluminum for solar panel frame

Solar Panel

Length 244mm

Width 315mm  
Height 245mm

Special Features:


Maintain the required operating charge.Charges a 12v gel cell (included) safely housed in a waterproof case.

Easily attaches to tripod mounted Zon cannon (not included).

Optional Solar Controller adds 30% more solar charging capacity, protects battery, for   low-light and winter use.

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Our main application areas are domestic and foreign aviation airports, power, agriculture, high-speed rail, and military.


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