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Friendly Environment Propane Sound Cannon

Friendly Environment Propane Sound Cannon

​●Burst sound:125db
●System Operating Voltage:7-20VDC
●Wireless Frequency:434Mhz 440Mhz 449Mhz
●Transmit power:30dbm

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Product Details

●Burst sound:125db

●System Operating Voltage:7-20VDC

●Wireless Frequency:434Mhz   440Mhz  449Mhz

●Transmit power:30dbm

●Operating Temperature:-30℃~85℃

●Solar Power:20W


●Weight: 35kg

●Surface with Spray Treatment

●Launch Method

Remote Control




Birds are the enemies of aircraft voyages. Birds that crash into an airplane can cause catastrophic consequences. Every year, 35% of aircraft accidents are caused by "angry birds". The International Aviation Federation has also upgraded bird damage. Class A aviation disaster. In October, it was precisely the season when 3 million migratory birds .


When the airport bird-repellent staff found bird-watching during inspections that endangered flight safety, they could be remotely controlled at a distance of 40-50 meters from the gas cannon. The gas-fired cannon produced loud enough to drive away the birds.

We conducted research on bird disease management ideas, airport and surrounding ecological environment treatment, identification of bird strike residues and bird stomach contents, and prevention and control of small-scale submerged animals. We conducted a detailed analysis of the complete food chain of birds and worked out birds. Strike prevention plans and prevention and control programs so that targeted prevention and control measures can be properly implemented to solve ecological problems. It is expected that the project will be officially implemented by the end of this year.





Solar Supply


Stainless Steel, Aluminum for solar panel   frame

Solar Panel

Length 244mm

Width 315mm  
  Height 245mm

Special Features:


Maintain the required operating charge.Charges a 12v gel cell (included) safely housed in a waterproof case.

Easily attaches to tripod mounted Zon cannon (not included).

Optional Solar Controller adds 30% more solar charging capacity, protects battery, for low-light and winter use.

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The company's main application areas are domestic and foreign aviation airports, power, agriculture, high-speed rail, and military.


Packing details

If the customers has different requirements, may be packaged according to customer requirement.


International Transport


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