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Propane Cannon

●Small size and light weight
●All control parts use computer chips
●Set on on-off time
●Automatic work after inputting parameters
●Automatic fire control

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Product Details


●Small size and light weight


●All control parts use computer chips

●Set on on-off time

●Automatic work after inputting parameters

●Automatic fire control





Solar Supply


Stainless Steel, Aluminum for solar panel frame

Solar Panel

Length 244mm

Width 315mm   
Height 245mm    

Special Features:


Maintain the required operating charge.Charges a 12v gel cell (included) safely housed in a waterproof case.

Easily attaches to tripod mounted Zon cannon (not included).

Optional Solar Controller adds 30% more solar charging capacity, protects battery, for low-light and winter use.

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Why use solar propane sound cannon for anti-bird?


Flock of birds struck the plane and the disaster took place

Although the birds are small and the speed of flight is not fast, the speed of the aircraft is high. When the birds and the aircraft fly toward each other, the relative speed between them will be very high. The data show that a bird 1.8 kg collided with a plane with a speed of 550 km/h and would produce 25 tons of impact. It seems that the aircraft was attacked by a shell. The impact of birds and wild animals caused 600 million U.S. dollars in losses to U.S. civil aviation every year. It is conservatively estimated that it has caused a loss of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to the aviation industry worldwide every year.

There are two general situations in Bird Crashing: The bird hits the aircraft fuselage or is drawn into the engine. The second most harmful.

Bird Repellent status in Domestic and Overseas

With the improvement of the ecological environment at home and abroad and people’s awareness of bird protection, Variety of birds appeared. Bird control is a worldwide problem and needs to be solved urgently. Solar propane sound cannon is a kind of electric bird control that solve the entire airspace and achieve full-time working

Packing Details



●We have our own factory with more than 20 professional workers specially handing bird control products. Many of them working more than 10years.they are much more experienced.

●We supply you best service after sales

●We have professional design team, we can do any artwork or designs required by our customers.

●We offer flexible payment term for our customers, such as T/T,L/C,D/P,D/A.

Our service

●For first visit to our factory, we will issue invitation letter to you. reserve the hotel for you, pick up you in the airport.

Our professional team will accompany you to the market the whole day long for your sourcing products in the market.  We can also accompany you for visiting the city center if you like.

●We make translation for you in the booth, put down record, take picture of the items, and prepare the full list of the items when you finish your visit.

● Placing order for you when you confirm the quantity for the items.

● Collect the goods to our warehouse, our special QC team will inspect the goods for every item.

● Booking container, Loading the goods and arrange the shipment.

●Making all necessary shipping documents to our customers.



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