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Safety Propane Sound Cannon

​●Protection area:100m
●Suitable for large and planting areas
●Low cost, a tank of gas, can use about six months.

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Product Details

●Protection area:100m

●Suitable for large and planting areas

●Low cost, a tank of gas, can use about six months.

●Effectively protects even more of your crops or control area.

●The raised cannon allows for sound to travel a greater distance.

●Rotating frame provides you with a larger area that is free from troublesome birds.


Agriculture--Apple tree, cherry tree, vineyard

Fish and shrimp farming



Propane Blasts Scare All Birds Species away from areas where they can cause damage to property or are at risk themselves, such as industrial sites, airports, and agricultural operations. The Zon Electra Scare Cannon is the most sophisticated and durable scare cannon available. Used across the globe, the Zon Electra stands up to the harshest climates, always creating a 120 dB. blast that scares birds. Timed firing, multi-shot bursts, random modes, and on-demand remote detonation, and a wide variety of upgrades prevents bird habituation, keeping them away from the control area.


Product parameters




Solar Supply


Stainless Steel, Aluminum for solar panel frame

Solar Panel

Length 244mm

Width 315mm  
Height 245mm

Special Features:


Maintain the required operating charge.Charges a 12v gel cell (included) safely housed in a waterproof case.

Easily attaches to tripod mounted Zon cannon (not included).

Optional Solar Controller adds 30% more solar charging capacity, protects battery, for low-light and winter use.

Manufactured by


Production packing

We use best wooden case which is safety for bird control loading and transport.


Production Certificate


Production Factory

Baoding Bolan Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the Zhongguancun Innovation Center of Gaoxin District, Baoding City, Hebei Province. It is one of the few domestic integrated bird-repellent equipment manufacturers integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service.

The company has advanced production equipment, improved product testing methods and ISO9001 certification guarantee system, has produced a variety of automatic control products with advanced international standards. In line with the development and expansion of China's aviation industry, the company independently researched and developed the "ZKQN-1090 Bird Control System" and a variety of bird-repellent equipment with independent intellectual property rights, featuring high technological content, easy operation, and convenient management. After being installed and put into use at various airports, it has achieved good results and has been repeatedly reported by the "HeBei TV Station" and "CCTV-7 Military Report" sections, and has received the honor of "science and technology enterprise" in Hebei Province.

The company's airport equipment is widely used in airports, agriculture, power, and military. It has contributed its own power to reducing bird-fighting disasters and ensuring flight safety in China's aviation flight!


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