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Solar Power Propane Sound Cannon

●Transmission Frequency:36.1MHZ/FM
●Handheld Transmission Distance:1 kilometer
●125 dB. Blasts scares birds and keeps them away.

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Product Details


●Transmission Frequency:36.1MHZ/FM

●Handheld Transmission Distance:1 kilometer

●125 dB. Blasts scares birds and keeps them away.

●The foundation of agricultural, industrial, and aviation bird control programs across the globe.

●Advanced digital clock for pre-set firing times and multi-shot bursts and two random firing modes reduce animal tolerance.

●Optional remote on-demand activation with hardwired push-button and wireless radio control.

●Hand-held remote transmission power:2W


Broadly speaking, farms, orchards, wind power plants, and military and civilian airports are all means of preventing birds from invading their territories, thereby jeopardizing their own labor achievements or equipment safety. In a narrow sense, bird repellent specifically refers to military and civilian airports in order to protect the aircraft from take-off and landing security, in order to prevent the birds from being sucked into the aircraft engine or impacting the aircraft body when the aircraft is taking off and landing at high speeds, thus taking off and landing in the key flight areas of the airport, especially the aircraft. Everything taken on the runway or taxiway prevents bird intrusion from hearing intimidation. Visual shock. Direct killing, chemical, ecological or radar warnings and all other means.


Production Description

Propane Sound Cannonoffers a compact, integrated design without compromising capability. sleek housing packs all of its technology into a small, easy to handle package with separate, external batteries, electronics, and solar panels with a jumble of wires and hoses between them. Weighing under 32kg with its collapsible fourth (not including propane tank), it is easy to operate and transport.

Advanced Digital Control allows the user to easily set precise firing intervals, select 1-4 firing bursts, and include two random modes that vary the time between each shot series, further reducing bird habitation. The digital clock also allows the user to pre-set up to four on periods in a day, allowing the cannon to scare birds when needed and automatically turn-off at night or other times when birds are not present. The printed circuit board controls gas flow and ignition, reducing moving parts and increasing the durability of the cannon. The Electra is the industrial standard bird scarer and includes several heavy-duty upgrades, including a premium UV resistant hose, durable metal lid, and upgraded connections. Not only is the Electra Propane Cannon an effective bird deterrent, it is also economical; a 20 lb. bottle of propane provides 17,000 shots.

Affordable Upgrades make the Electra useful for a huge range of wildlife control situations. The Rotating Tripod elevates the cannon above crops and provides 360 degrees of protection. Solar kits with 12V gel-cell batteries eliminate the need to replace or charge batteries, reducing hours needed to maintain your bird scare program. On-demand firing ensures cannons only detonate when they will have the maximum effect. Push-button activation, low, and high-frequency radio controls allow for remote detonation up to 3,200 m (10,500 ft.) away.

Each Bird Control Cannon protects up to 6 acres of high value food from heavy bird pressure and can protect lower value attractants across an even larger area. Propane Sound Cannons have proven to be one of the most effective bird deterrents available. Not only does the cannon directly scare birds, it also keeps them on edge across a larger area and therefore more susceptible to other deterrents. An effective bird control program uses audio, visual, and active deterrents to keep birds from becoming too used to any one deterrent. Occasionally reinforcing cannon blasts with pyro scare rounds, falconry, or our Fly Away Laser teaches birds that there are consequences to cannon. Frequently moving the cannons, using a tripod, or camouflaging the cannon keeps birds from associating the sounds with a single source.



●Wooden Case: Use wooden with good quality ,insuring the safety on the container.




Our Sevice

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2:u can have our one year warranty.

3:if u are not familiar in using our product, we are glad to explain how to use it.

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