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A summary of high iron bird proof device
- May 24, 2018 -

A summary of high iron bird proof device

In the electrified railway contact network, the equipment of compensating ratchet, isolation switch and wrist arm is installed on the electrified railway catenary, which provides the conditions for bird nesting. Because the main materials of bird nesting are branches and weeds, the bird in nesting process can easily cause the short circuit tripping of the catenary, even interrupts the power supply of the line to cause accidents. With the development of high speed railway and the continuous improvement of driving speed, the safety of high speed rail is more important. It is easier for birds to build nests because of the enlargement of the structure size and shape of some parts of the high-speed railway. The short trip fault caused by bird damage is more frequent, which makes the safe operation of the high-speed railway serious. The threat. In order to prevent birds from harm and ensure the safety and unimpeded railway, our company has worked closely with the technical personnel of high speed rail and the technical workers on the spot. After years of research and experiments, we have finally developed a series of high - speed rail anti bird products.