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Insulating sheath
- May 24, 2018 -

Insulating sheath

The insulation sleeve of the insulation sheath seal device is mainly used for the insulation protection of bare frame bare wires, with reliable performance and convenient installation. Since the market has been put into the market, it has been widely used in the insulation protection of the electrified railway and the bare wire of the power grid. The electrical performance of the buckle type insulation casing is safe, reliable, easy to install, and does not need the characteristics of free end, no fire and so on. Instead of insulating sleeves, composite insulation tape, waterproof tape, high and low voltage insulation tape.

The buckle type insulating sleeve is designed with double hook type, and the installation is firmly against shedding. The buckle type insulation sheath can be used directly for all electric power network of 1kV to 36kV, direct insulation protection of electrified railway and 66KV, 110KV, 220KV auxiliary insulation protection. The unique design of hand-held steel wheel mounting tool is durable and labor-saving. Features of buckle type insulating sleeve:

1. the buckle type insulation casing pipe sealing device is simple and fast to install, and does not need any tools. Only the two ends can be buckled together to complete the installation.

2. buckle insulation casing, the clip type climbing power growth page is set up, that is to increase the distance of the creepage and combine the two ends of the product together to further improve the insulation performance.

3. the clasp insulation casing can be applied to the buckle groove, which will further enhance the pressure and tightness of the product.