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The principle of the buckle
- May 24, 2018 -

The principle of the buckle

Using the leverage, with the weight of the body, the other side is fastened to the pole to produce greater friction, which makes it easy to climb, while the lifting of the foot is reduced and the buckle is loosened automatically when the foot is lifted. The self locking phenomenon in mechanics is used. If the line of action of the joint force Q acting on the active force of an object is within the friction angle, no matter how large the force is, there is always a full counterforce R in equilibrium, and the object remains stationary; conversely, if the action line of the active force of the resultant force Q is outside the friction angle, no matter how small the force is, the body can not keep the balance. The equilibrium condition related to friction angle, which is independent of the magnitude of force, is called self locking condition. The phenomenon is called self locking phenomenon.