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What are the types of composite insulators manufacturing
- May 24, 2018 -

1. single parachute suits are bonded to the outer mold sheath of the mandrel, which are afferent into the parachute string bonded to the room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. The gap vacuum is filled with polymer filling glue and finished after the end is connected to the seal. This technology is an early process with many processes and large dispersivity. Its filling technology is difficult to guarantee the fullness of 220KV and above voltage grades. Because of the deflection of the mandrel and the small gap of the glue filling, the contact between the mandrel and the inner wall of the umbrella string is likely to cause blockage of the half edge glue path, resulting in an insulation defect which is partially filled without glue.

2. extruding cover and parachute plate: after the mandrel is used to handle the binder, the mandrel becomes a sheath through the extruding mechanism. The two times vulcanized and vulcanized parachute plates are bonded to the room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber in the parachute machine, and are finished after the end connection of the gold and seal. The technology has high production efficiency. Because of the low temperature of the extruder outlet in China, the bonding between the mandrel and the sheath is mainly carried out by two times vulcanization, and the bonding surface between the loose disc and the sheath is small.

3. segments or one injection form: the mandrel is processed by bristling and then is injected into the mold by injection molding machine. The insulator with high voltage is divided into two parts, and the insulator is connected after sealing. The mandrel and sheath of the process are hot lotus, good bonding effect, only one layer of internal insulation, and few interfaces, which is a relatively new production technology.