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what's the difference between anti bird net and bird catching net
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Although the literal difference between anti bird net and bird catching net may seem one word, the ac tual difference is not small. Here's a brief look at the differences between the two nets.

The anti-bird net is made of polyethylene, and its thread is many times thicker than that of the trap. When the sun is shining on a net, it will reflect a dazzling feeling. Birds flying in from the sky will be horrified and try to reduce the chances of getting close to the net. It can then enhance bird defense and reduce damage to birds.

The color of bird catching net is black or transparent, the line is thiner, the person walks in front of, the line is thinner and thinner, perhaps all cannot see clearly. The bird didn't know it was flying fast enough to hit it in front of it.

If a bird is caught in a catching net, a poacher's net is made of nylon, with thin wire and thick mesh. You can't see it from a distance. When the bird hits it, the thin thread will get stuck in the feathers and wings of the bird.

The harder the bird struggled, the tighter it became. The thread reached into the meat and the bird could not move quickly. Even if we don't intentionally harm a bird, we can inadvertently kill it in our use. So this kind of net is not suitable for preventing birds, although the cost is not high, but the damage to birds is too great.

Therefore, when choosing bird net in orchard, for the development of ecological environment, it is recommended that people do not use bird catching net and choose anti bird net that does not harm birds.