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Effect Of Ceramic Insulator In Transmission Line
- May 24, 2018 -

Effect of ceramic insulator in transmission line

The effect of ceramic insulators in transmission lines, butterfly insulators and pin insulators in ceramic insulators are mainly used in high and low voltage transmission lines. Suspension insulators are used for high voltage transmission lines. Ceramic insulators are a special kind of insulation control, which can play an important role in the overhead transmission lines.

In the use of insulators, it often presents a definite appearance, and the needs often adhere to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the porcelain vase, and make sure to repair and repair it according to certain methods and methods, so as to ensure the great effect and value of the electric porcelain bottle in the use.

It is also possible that the ceramic insulator is in the interior of the insulating hollow barrel of the porcelain insulator, and the dielectric balance in the air is destroyed by the disturbance of the strong electric field, resulting in the discharge breakdown. This is the image of the manufacturer in the production and experimental engineering, making the ceramic insulator in the middle of the insulator, and affecting the porcelain vase. The practice of insulators uses life and value. But the base space is not treated as a vacuum, making the remaining air under the effect of strong electric field force. Through long-term ionization, the conductive film is formed on the hollow surface. That is, the ionization carbon follows the long running time, the current increases, and then meets the strong lightning current and overvoltage, which destroys the balance and eventually forms the insulator breakdown conduction.