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How To Buy The Ideal Bird Netting
- Aug 03, 2018 -

All the living creatures in the global village are a collective. Birds are good friends of human beings, and birds prey on pests. But when the fruits are ripe, some birds will also peck at the fruits that people work hard to grow. Traditional bird - repellent methods are not very effective. So people began to develop a new kind of anti bird netting, which can protect birds and not harm them.

But how can you choose the perfect bird netting?

In the market, there are all kinds of bird netting with different specifications.

The standard bird netting has all sorts of different color, birds are alert to red, yellow, blue and other colors.

The wire of bird netting is translucent, after installation, a piece of red light or blue light appears on the upper part of the field block installed, which makes the birds afraid to approach, can play the role of bird protection without harming the birds, and truly achieve the environmental protection effect.

According to scientific research, it is best to use yellow bird netting in orchards in mountainous areas, and blue or red ones in plain areas. The size of the mesh Commonly used have 3 centimeters and 4.5 centimeters, 3 centimeters mesh size can prevent the small bird such as sparrows, 4.5 centimeters can prevent gray magpie, crow and so on the bigger bird.

It is suggested that fruit farmers should follow the principle of adapting to local conditions when purchasing bird netting. Therefore, fruit farmers should make reasonable selection and purchase according to the types of local bird pests and the area of orchard.