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How To Maintain The Bird Netting
- Aug 02, 2018 -

We all know that birds are good friends of human beings, and they prey on insects for a lot of time. But in the season when fruits are ripe, some birds will not hesitate to peck at hard fruits. Especially cherry, persimmon, grape, apple, pear, etc.they are seriously damaged by birds. Many fruit farmers use bird nets, so how to maintain it daily?

Maintenance methods of bird net:

1. Check the use of bird net regularly, and it must be cleared in time after winter snow to avoid collapse;

2. Due to the exposure to wind and rain, hail attack and bird hole prevention, timely repair is needed.

3. Check the birds that fall into the net carelessly. If there are any, clean them up in time so as not to cause the dead birds to decay.