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Modern Farm Bird Repellent Technology
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Bird damage is a worldwide problem. Due to its strong adaptability and activity of birds, many traditional bird repellent techniques have been effective at the beginning. As time goes on, birds become adaptable, and the effect of bird repellent is gradually reduced. In recent years, some new bird repellent technologies have emerged.

Modern bird repellent technology uses mechanical, electronic or biological methods to produce a specific sound, light or smell. It strongly stimulates the hearing, vision or taste of birds and makes them leave quickly with discomfort and fear.

The bird repeller is classified according to different stimulation principles.

1.Stimulating the hearing of birds, mainly including solar propane sound repellent device, sonic repellent device, ultrasonic bird repellent device, etc

2. Stimulating the visual sense of birds, there are mainly laser repeller, bird scare balloons and so on.

3. As a composite of visual and auditory stimulation, there are mainly the drones bird control and electronic cannon repeller.

4. To stimulate the taste of birds, chiefly a variety of bird agent.