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Precautions For Using Solar Propane Sound Cannon
- Aug 06, 2018 -

(1) the sound cannon shall be firmly placed above the surface of the ground to ensure that there will be no water accumulation at its position. It is absolutely prohibited to immerse in the water.

(2) during the use, the working voltage of the battery should be checked regularly. If it is below 11V, it should be replaced or used after charging. If it is not in use, it must be charged once a week. (turn on the power supply and the coal gas valve before use, and turn off the power supply and the coal gas valve immediately after use)

(3) in the case of use or not use, charge once a week, that is, ie more than 10 hours in the strong sunlight.

(4) regularly check the fastening degree of all installation parts on a monthly basis, with emphasis on checking whether the high-voltage ignition head and connection wires are loose.

(5) when replacing the battery or other parts, please pay attention not to reverse the polarity.

(6) the solar power system has no moving parts and is not easy to be damaged, but it should be maintained regularly during the use, otherwise, it may affect the normal use and even shorten the service life.

(7) in case of abnormal weather such as hail and wind, the solar power generation system shall immediately adopt protective measures to put the equipment into the warehouse.

(8) solar panels shall not be washed with corrosive or hard materials. Clean with water.

(9) when replacing the gas canister of the gas cannon, make sure that the medium-pressure regulating valve and gas outlet is, clean and clean, so as to avoid the damage caused by the blockage of other impurities.

(10) in any case, it is absolutely prohibited to look at the gun bore and place other objects in the barrel. When used, it is forbidden to stand within 30 meters in the opposite direction.

(11) if any abnormal situation is found, the solar propane sound cannon shall be inspected and repaired immediately.