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Related News Of Ultrasonic Bird Displacing Device
- May 24, 2018 -

Related news of ultrasonic bird displacing device

According to the auditory characteristics of birds, an integrated controller for intelligent control of solar charging and discharging and frequency conversion ultrasonic control is designed. It ensures the stability of the solar power supply system at the same time, while satisfying the excess drive birds. After a long time wild zoology test, it is proved that the ultrasonic wave drive bird can be stable and long effective. Birds do not harm birds. At the same time, it should be noted that the effect of the bird displacing device of the bird is long, but it is slow, because it plays a long role in the bird's living environment, so it is not very suitable for the occasion of immediate real time displacing birds.

The ultrasonic bird repellent is driven by frequency ultrasonic to drive away pests. It is a physical method to control birds, insects and so on. There is no need to rely on chemical drugs, so it is non-toxic and odourless, and will not cause two pollution. The auditory range of the human ear is about 16-20000Hz, and the ultrasonic output of the ultrasonic bird device is generally above 20000Hz, and the frequency of the frequency band above 20000Hz is unable to respond to the human hearing system, so our ears can not hear it at all, and the power of the ultrasonic bird displacing device can not reach the people. The body's ability, so it has no effect on the body.