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The Factors Affecting The Price Of Insulators
- May 24, 2018 -

The factors affecting the price of insulators

With the development of the economy, the insulator market is also booming, the variety of products, the wide selection of owners and users, so the price of insulators is closely related to the quality of the insulators, besides the macroeconomic situation, the upstream and downstream industries, the raw materials and other factors. The following is an introduction to the reliability of insulators, one of the important aspects that affect the price of insulators.

The manufacturing level is the guarantee. In foreign countries, the production of high quality products has already formed a highly automated production line with considerable economic scale and advanced technology. Throughout Western Europe and the former Soviet Union, the market share of glass insulators is more than 90%, and the use of composite insulators in the whole North America is the most in the world, accounting for 25% to 30% of the total number of local insulators, and in Japan, porcelain insulators are all under the control of the world. In China, it is fortunate that domestic glass insulators have the above production conditions through technology import and self development. For porcelain and composite insulators, the above manufacturing level has not yet been achieved in China except for some joint ventures. It can be seen that the choice of products depends on the manufacturing level of the product and the overall understanding of the product's performance and use environment.