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The Main Application Fields Of Buckle Type Insulating Sleeve
- May 24, 2018 -

The main application fields of buckle type insulating sleeve:

The 1. clasp insulated casing pipe is used in the overhead line of electrified railway system to improve its insulation performance and prevent the occurrence of short circuit accident. It can effectively protect the insulation and protection of the overhead line and the transmission bus.

2. the overhead line in the railway tunnel, due to the large amount of water vapor produced by the train through the tunnel, is not easy to distribute in the tunnel and cause the short circuit. In addition, the accident will occur because of the external climate, and the accident can be avoided by using the buckle type insulation casing.

3. when the power grid passes through the branches and dense areas, it is very likely that the branches will fall short on the wires and cause short circuit. Solution: as long as the clasp insulators are installed on this section, the problem will be solved.

4. because of the design reason or a period of time of the electric railway design, the insulation performance of the transmission pillar becomes poor, which brings some security risks to the safety of the railway operation. So it is necessary to add some necessary insulation protection devices to the insulators, and the buckle type insulation casing can fully meet the needs of the railway.