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The Principle Of Ultrasonic Bird Displacing Device
- May 24, 2018 -

The principle of ultrasonic bird displacing device

The ultrasonic wave repellent device uses an ultrasonic pulse to stimulate and destroy the bird's nervous system and physiological system, so as to make its physiological disorder achieve the ultimate goal of driving birds and extinguishing birds. Ultrasonic wave displacing bird has the characteristics that can not penetrate obstacles, strong direction, fast attenuation and so on, so the use of high power bird displacing device through the ultrasonic wave of countless times to spread, forming the ultrasonic protection network covering the entire drive bird space. In order to achieve the best effect of expelling. The research results of relevant departments have proved that there is a certain "supply" in a certain space, and a bird will be killed more than one bird, so "drive bird" is more positive than "killing bird".