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What Is A Bird Displacing Device
- May 24, 2018 -

What is a bird displacing device

Repelling birds is also called catching birds, bird prevention, bird strike prevention and so on. In English, it is called bird repellent. In a broad sense, farms, orchards, wind farms, and military and civilian airports are all means to prevent harmful birds from invading their territories and endangering their own labor results or equipment. In a narrow sense, the displacing birds specifically refer to the military civil airports to protect the aircraft from landing and landing, in order to prevent the aircraft from flying at high speed and landing. A bird is inhaled by an aircraft engine, or impacting aircraft body, landing gear, tail wing, windshield and all aircraft, and all of the aural intimidation, visual deterrence, direct killing, chemical, ecological, or ecology of bird invasion in the key flight areas of the airport, especially on the runway or the taxiway of the aircraft. All means such as radar warning and so on.