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What Is An Intelligent Bird Displacing Device?
- May 24, 2018 -

What is an intelligent bird displacing device?

The intelligent bird drive device is a kind of ultra low power intelligent bird displacing device, which is designed by the imported single chip microcomputer. It integrates Doppler radar to detect birds near technology, sounding the bird song, ultrasonic driving bird technology, simulated Eagle sound source drive bird, simulated shotgun shooting bird, night stroboscopic drive bird and so on. The system defaults to open Doppler radar detection and pickup detection. When the birds are near, the system enables the system to emit the nervous system that stimulates the birds, and simulates the hawk sound source and the shotgun sound source to frighten birds near the tower. In the case of birds near at night, the birds are afraid of flashing habits, The use of stroboscopic light to stimulate the visual system of birds, destroy the living environment of birds, so as to drive away birds near the defense area, in order to achieve the goal of eradicate bird damage and ensure safety.