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Why Do You Want To Drive A Bird?
- May 24, 2018 -

Why do you want to drive a bird?

With the improvement of the ecological environment at home and abroad and the improvement of people's awareness of bird protection, more and more birds. This has brought disaster to the world and China's civil aviation industry. In order to protect aviation safety and maintain the safety of passengers' property and life, various measures have been taken in the airport, such as displacing bird scarecrows, inflatable people, automatic laser repellers, firecrackers, popcorn, gas cannons, repelling birds, shotguns, repellent falcons, drive birds, and bird detection radar, etc. These methods have all played a certain effect. But in the world, there is no way to solve all airspace and whole time by omnipotent means to repellent birds. Repelling birds is a worldwide problem. It is a difficult problem to be solved urgently.

In order to reduce the air crash caused by bird strike, the CAAC and ICAO summarized the following measures for reference to various military and civilian airports in the world:

Repellent birds are gradually developing towards integrated bird repellent and ecological repellent birds. New bird repellent devices are emerging. In the past, the hunting and other means of hunting are no longer adopted, and the drive birds are gradually moving towards the ecological and green drive birds, and the high-tech elements are constantly reflected in the new type of bird drive equipment, which embodies the enhancement of the people's ecological consciousness and the improvement of the scientific and technological strength within the world. Repellent birds urgently need to solve the problems of birds' adaptability, small bird repellent range, short effective time, high cost and no targeted birds. To solve these problems is the direction and Prospect of bird repellent development in the future.